Sami experience


Price: 1895,- /pers

*Only NOK (cash) or credit card (Visa, Master card etc.)

Duration: Approx. 2 hours + hot meal



The Oskals is a genuine local Sami family making their living the same way their ancestors did herding their reindeer and keeping traditions alive. Learn about the Sami history, their culture and way of life.


Night in the mountains


Price: from 3500,- /pers

*Only NOK (cash) or credit card (Visa, Master card etc.)

Duration: Approx. 6 hours



Exclusive night time visit to the Sami and their reindeer. The Sami keep their heard of reindeer high up in the mountains above the Aurora Husky camp. This genuine experience combines the traditions of the Sami, the fun of snowmobiling (transportation only), and the chance to witness the northern light in a really spectacular location. A truly unique experience!


This is an exclusive offer at Aurora Husky, small groups only. To stay flexible we strongly recommend local accommodation. Please contact us, and we will make all the necessary reservations.



Transportation from Tromsø, round trip

Experienced english speaking guide


All the gear you need to stay warm and comfortable:

Snow suit

Polar boots

Polar hat




Food and drinks:

Hot beverage

Light snack

A warm meal


What to bring:

Wool underwear

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