Dog sledding in the Arctic, Norway

Welcome to Aurora Husky!




Imagine waking up. It's still quite dark. The air is crisp, cold, but most of all; it's clean. Imagine the silence, the kind of silence you can only experience when you step out of the city, out into the open, out into the vast wilderness.


Imagine having your morning coffee. Now imagine looking out, you are surrounded by beautiful mountains, blue in the magical arctic light. Looking of to the side you can see something laying in the snow. For a while you wonder.. It's almost completely covered, only a set of ears giving it away. And there is another one, and another..


The dogs are eager to get going. One by one, you harness them and put them in front of the sled. Each team consisting of four to six dogs. They are paired up side by side, lead dogs up front.


An hour later you're off. Hauling through the arctic scenery. You feel the cold wind against the skin of your face. Hear the dogs, hard at work, pacing. You look up as the sun is just about to rise above the mountains in the distance.


Now imagine doing this in complete darkness with only the light from your headlamp and the stars above to guide you. If your luck is with you you might find yourself gazing up towards the sky only to find that you are surrounded by a dancing stream of colour, the Northern lights.


Welcome to Aurora Husky - The ultimate experience above the arctic circle.






Aurora Husky is situated a 2 hours drive from Tromsø, Norway.


We arrange exclusive dog sledding adventures in the beautiful wilderness north of the arctic circle.


At Aurora Husky we offer adventures to suit everyones wishes. From a short half day adventure to a full three days adventure. If you really want something special we even offer a totally customiced adventure to suit your every needs.


Our evning trips are popular amongst people wanting to see the Auora Borealis or Northern Lights.


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